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Gallardo Graphics LogoThink of the important business brands in your life – from Target to Apple and Nike – and you immediately have a clear message of what that brand means to you. Is your business brand conveying a strong, meaningful message to your clients? Powerful graphic design can be the difference in being memorable to those whose business you want to attract and main- tain.

Gallardo Graphics specializes in working with clients to identify and create a visual image and the media that expresses that image. My desire is to encourage a very custom, tailored experience with each project so the end product truly serves your needs. There are seven essential areas where I focus my expertise.

  1. Research: What story do you want to tell?
    • This is by far the most critical step, when I’ll help you focus on the specifics of your concept. While studying design style, colors, and important images, a design direction will emerge. Often I’ll be browsing not only the internet by the library shelves to find relevant information.
  2. Typography: The artful representation of words
    • Your font choices say a great deal about your product and services, sometimes in a subtle way. Is your message sleek and new – think Facebook – or is it traditional and elegant? I have literally thousands of fonts to address your brand.
  3. Contrast: What do we notice first?
    • Creating a hierarchy of information is critical, and contrasts of color and design help reinforce your message.
  4. Layout: Drive your viewer
    • A successful layout will guide the viewer to the optimal visual destination. Help your clients reach the information you most want to convey.
  5. Grids: Visual consistency
    • If you’re promoting more than one product, it’s important to create a unified theme throughout the product line. Through multiple types of products, I’ll find the visual theme that will invite cohesion in your message.
  6. Prepress preparation: The technical aspect
    • A competent graphic designer will assist you in the critical facet of getting your work ready for print or web purposes. This strong foundation will insure that the finished product performs to your expectations.
  7. Print Sources: Digital, offset, letterpress, thermography?
    • A knowledge of the different formats, as well as relationships with many print houses is essential in completing a beautiful and cost-effective product. With more than 7 years in business, I have a variety of print options for you.

It’s easy to find a graphic designer, but not all are created equal. Be sure you find one that has the breadth of experience to help you create a truly expressive design.

 Guest Writer – Janice Gallardo, Owner Gallardo Graphics

Find her on the internet at!

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