Work Smarter and Generate More Revenue With Strategic Alliances

HandshakeIn today’s fast paced, round the clock, overnight, instant, have it on my desk yesterday business climate, recognize that many can accomplish more than a few or the one. Keep that in mind as you try to figure out how to get more done in less time while reaching more people. Even when you are a sole proprietor or a small business owner it can still be possible to leverage your time and your marketing dollars by creating strategic alliances with other individuals, organizations or companies that serve your same client base.

Bread bakers refer dessert makers, dietitians refer personal trainers and visa versa and doctors, lawyers and therapists refer based on specialty. People who are in a totally different field serve the same clients as you do before or after you have begun the job.

Some companies get together and form groups of service providers. What this does is create a separate business entity that all the member companies are a part of in addition to the companies operating before. This allow efforts of each company to serve the whole group.  

Follow these ideas to maximize your strategic alliance efforts.

Look at the Possibility
Get together with the other people or companies you would like to align yourself with. Discuss how you would like to work together and what products or services each of your would provide.

Do Some Strategic Planning
Sit down and figure out a strategic plan for how you are going to make your alliance work. Discuss how you are going to promote each other and share your client lists.

Create A Written Agreement
Write out what you will do for each other, what resources you can contribute and any financial compensation you may wish to provide to each other when certain parties are responsible for bringing in a client.

Educate Yourself
Learn everything you can about the other companies you are aligning with and become an expert at what they offer so that you can know who are the right clients for them and what they can offer your clients.

Keep Your Eyes Open
Instead of thinking only about how to bring in clients for your company now you have to be looking out for how to bring in business for your strategic alliance partners.

Cross Promote
When you send out your brochure send out your strategic partners as well.
Give each other coupons for discounts that you pass on to each others customers.

Sell Each Other
When you meet with clients and potential clients make sure you discuss with them what your strategic partners have to offer. Answer questions, make the initial call for your client, set up appointments

Share Resources
Let each other know about opportunities you come across that will benefit each other. Be observant in your business activities notice what kinds of marketing and other opportunities you come across that would be of benefit to your strategic partners.

By creating successful strategic alliances you can consistently create more momentum, more opportunities and more success for yourself and your strategic partners.

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