Sales Stamina- How to Keep Going Day After Day

Sales people runningLike every good salesperson you know what you need to do. You have your weekly, monthly and quarterly revenue goals and a list of your top 25 hot prospects. You know exactly how many phone or in-person appointments you have to conduct every month and you are always working on improving your close ratio.

Some days, some weeks seem to go well because your Sales Stamina is high and others seem challenging because your Sales Stamina is low.

Maintaining your Sales Stamina is far more complex than simply keeping up your physical stamina by getting enough sleep, eating a power breakfast and skipping the white wine at lunch.

To keep yourself in action and to keep your sales soaring follow these strategies and watch your Sales Stamina improve:

Expect Success
Do you ever find yourself thinking a client will cancel, a proposal won’t be accepted, the phone will be slammed in our ear? These things rarely happen. Yet we stress ourselves out in advance when we project in our minds negative outcomes that never happen. Start to notice what thoughts you are having and recognize when a thought is not serving you and let them go. Focus on the positive.

Keep Your Eye on The Pie
Your momentum will stay high when you have a clear vision of what it is you are working to accomplish. Every morning take two minutes to focus or visualize you having achieved your desired outcome. See a vivid mental picture of that large commission check in hand, of you signing the contract or overseeing the installation of the equipment you are selling. Whatever success is to you see it. Hold that picture in your mind through out the day.

Stretch Yourself – Don’t Try to Fly
It is important to set goals that cause you to stretch yourself out of your comfort zone. However if you set goals that would call on you to double your prospects and appointments over night you are probably setting yourself up for failure. Set realistic goals. People often get discouraged and give up on their goals when they are set out of reach. When you are setting sales goals – go with a goal that you can achieve if you really apply yourself.

Love Your Clients
In the hustle and bustle of making things happen we often forget that there are people we are serving through our work. By focusing on those people, getting to know them, listen to them and increase our clarity about what their needs are we will sharpen our senses for how we can create solutions that will best serve ourselves and our clients. The better you treat your clients the better they will treat you. The more you take care of your clients the more they will take care of you.

You can always use more Sales Stamina. Identify which of these ideas will make the most difference for you, begin to implement some changes and watch your Sales Stamina and your new sales soar.

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