Innovative Woman Lisa Manyon

Spotlight_Lisa ManyonMeet Innovative Woman Lisa Manyon, Owner of Write On ~ Creative Writing, Services, LLC.

How and why did you begin your business?
I was working at the premier ad agency in my market and it was a pretty sweet gig. Unfortunately I didn’t see much room for advancement and honestly I was getting really burnt out. The stress became a bit too much for me.

I’d always dreamed of focusing on my writing. I’ve written in some capacity in all of my careers and even back in high-school and college when I was ads manager of the school paper and a lead reporter. After reading Peter Bowerman’s book The Well- Fed Writer my passion for writing was reignited. In fact, I’m now a featured success story in the new addition of The Well- Fed Writer released in 2009. But I digress.

Because I started living life on my own terms and really examining what makes me happy, I was no longer married to my ‘j-o-b.’ 60+ hour work weeks were not as tasty as they once were—especially spending them lining someone else’s pockets. Don’t get me wrong–I appreciate all the experiences I’ve had. But when I resigned from the ad agency, Write On Creative was born and my love affair with life really began.

What has been your biggest challenge and how did you overcome it?
I think my biggest challenge is two-fold. First, getting the support I need in the form of a rock solid team is an ongoing process and it’s vital. I couldn’t do what I do alone and I encourage everyone to invest in the right team members to help move your mission forward. Because I am a bit of a type A personality delegating hasn’t always been my strong suit (I’m still learning). Second, it took some time for me to really step into my own personal power and have the courage to share my new marketing and copywriting formula for success. When I introduced the “Challenge. Solution.Invitation.™” it was welcomed by many as an alternative to the traditional “problem, agitate and solve” approach. I was even interviewed in Inc. Magazine about it. AND I have to be honest. I was a little apprehensive about speaking up. No matter where we are in our success journey we all have doubts and fears. I questioned “who am I” to introduce this and more. Well, I’m the person who has the courage to speak up and show people a different way to do things. To challenge the norm and to stand true to what I really believe in. With this courage come criticism and it isn’t always kind. I’ve overcome that by standing strong in my faith and absolute conviction that my methods will change the way we market forever. It’s time to focus on relationship based marketing that comes from a place of service first and connects with authenticity while getting results.

How do you define SUCCESS?
Success is relative. Let me explain. I don’t really believe I am more successful than anyone else. I’ve reached a level of success that I’ve strived for because it’s what I want. What I want and what you want may be two completely different things and that’s OK. You should never let anyone but you determine your success, or failure for that matter. Plus, I believe success is ever evolving. What I want today may not be what I want tomorrow and I think that is part of the beauty of life. The most important thing is to enjoy life and do what you can to share your gifts with the world.

If there was one thing you wish you knew before you began your business, what would that be?
That’s a loaded question. I’m not sure that there is one thing I wish I would have known before I began. Creating, building and expanding a business is an ongoing process with so many intricate details and detours. I am really blessed to have an extensive background in marketing and advertising so I was able to position myself well from that start. On the business set-up end of things I do wish I would have realized the importance of having the right people in place to help with bookkeeping and accounting from the very start. I wasted a lot of time applying myself in an area that is not my strength. I’m learning to do what I do best and outsource the rest.

What makes you an innovative woman?
Being the creator of the new marketing and copywriting model for success definitely makes me an innovative woman. I truly believe it will change the way we market forever and that is my intention. I also think the fact that I’ve always followed my own instincts helps too. I see far too many people blindly following others without question and the results are rarely desirable. Innovative women question the norm.

Learn more about Lisa and Write On ~ Creative Writing, Services, LLC by visiting her website here!

15 thoughts on “Innovative Woman Lisa Manyon

  1. Great interview. Thanks for sharing. My value system (and amount of personal fear! :-) ) have changed over the years and I can relate to the “sweet gig,” but not wanting to be married to the j.o.b. Climbing the traditional career ladder is no longer rewarding for me. I discovered art six years ago, and no one was more surprised than I was that I had a natrual gift for painting The art business is growing like crazy and it feels fantastic to be earning money and loving what I’m doing to earn it. Quitting the day job is getting closer all the time. Thanks again for sharing your story. Chris

    1. Chris,
      Great feedback. Regarding the J.O.B. I should clarify that there are some really fabulous jobs out there and some people need the security of the 9 to 5 routine. It just doesn’t work for me anymore.
      Write on!~
      Lisa Manyon

  2. I love your statement that innovative women question the norm. That is so true, Lisa. We can’t step into our full potential and lead the way if we are too afraid to think deeply and voice our opinions. I’m also a big fan of your Challenge – Solution – Invitation™ process. Well done!

  3. Loved this interview! Lisa is a great role model for not letting society tell you what “success” means, for being self-aware enough to recognize the gifts she is meant to bestow on the world, and to have the courage to go out and make it happen. Always, always, always follow that intuition.

    1. Martha,
      I believe it’s important to define what success means to us individually. Facing our fears is the key to owning our gifts, following our intuition and taking action to ensure our dreams come true.
      Write on!~
      Lisa Manyon

  4. Great interview, Lisa! I love that fact that your success also involves continued learning, enjoying life and sharing your gifts. You are not just an innovator, you are also an inspiration!

  5. I really love this interview with Lisa and really appreciate her belief in relationship marketing. That really resonates for me & part of the foundation in which I build my health coaching business with. Sounds like Lisa’s expertise and talent would be an asset to any business.

    1. Judy,
      While we must profit from our passions (a phrase that seems a little overused) we must first approach our business with the thought “how can I be of service”. Marketing is all about building relationships.
      Write on!~
      Lisa Manyon

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