Thrive At Sales Calls With a Potential Clients

Phone CallHave a sales call process that you continue to track, evaluate, and continue to upgrade with each call you become more and more effective. Start by acknowledging the prospect for their interest, asking them what prompted their interest, what challenges do they want support with, then ask them if they would like to hear based on what they have said, how you can help them and then tell them. Once you tell them, ask them how that sounds to them, and if it sounds good to them ask for the sale.

Thrive at Sales Calls Success Formula to follow:

  1. Acknowledge the individual and tell him/her you would really like to work with them. If you do not already know this person research them online so you are familiar with them before you call them.
  2. Ask for permission to take some time to chat with them or make a phone date.
  3. Tell them what you see/hear they are looking for let them know the value you can bring to them, let them know the results you think they will get.
  4. Ask if this matches what they are looking for. (You can also flip flop these step 3 & 4 and ask them what they are looking for and then tell them, what you have matches if it does.)
  5. Reiterate that you can help. You have worked with similar people, people with similar challenges or people that are looking for what they are looking for.
  6. Ask for permission to share how you work with your clients. When someone agrees to this you will have more of their attention and they will be more open because they agreed to hear what you have to say.
  7. Share features/investment/personal benefits and transformation. Possibly use brief client examples of great results from working with you.
  8. Ask how this sounds or what are the thoughts of the person you are talking to. Have a dialogue about what is going on for them in relation to your area of service.
  9. Address any concerns/questions. Be willing to dance through objections. Be really engaged and honest here.
  10. Ask if they have any questions and address them. Remember your positivity, certainty and enthusiasm through the whole discussion.
  11. Ask if they would like to get started, ask if you can congratulate them. Make sure you are standing up and expecting success.
  12. Get the agreement. Make sure you have a clear decision. If they say they need to think about it, discuss it. If they still need time make a phone date.
  13. Ask for payment. Always get payment with agreement.

Follow this Thrive at Sales Calls Success Formula and you will up your revenue with ease.

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