How To Build a Business With Little or No Budget (Episode #7)

Today on the show I have guest Michele Unangst and we’re talking about women and their success, with a focus on how to build a business with little or no

Highlights from our chat:

  • Getting and Working Free Publicity
  • Balance – Making the Entrepreneur Decision
  • Advice for women who are thinking about becoming an entrepreneur
  • How to build a business with a limited budget

About Michele Unangst

Michele Unangst, an entrepreneur, who is focused on women and their success.  Empowering female job seekers and professionals, of all walks of life.  Empowering through Education, Passion, and equipping them with the tools for success.

Creator of Get My Mom a Job, and understanding that women are the most vital resource in employment, small business, and eCommerce success.  Helping women to achieve the power from within.  Finding their core purpose, values, and passion.  Michele teaches, writes, and helps women build their life and career through her personal journey. Her roadmap is one of struggles, but ultimate success.  A system to inspire, motivate, and create.

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