Hope is Not a Business Strategy: Be An Evidence Based Entrepreneur

Hope, prayer, karma and the law of attraction are not business strategies and too many women entrepreneurs do not realize it. While all of these aforementioned ideas are great augmentations to the pursuit of your best bottom line, recognize you will come up way short if this is how to plan to do well in your venture. In order get your goals, use hope, prayer, karma, and the law of attraction while also employing the following more reliable evidence based business practices that will bring you great results.

Write It Down
No ideas should live in your head. No to-do list or process should live their either. You cannot easily improve what you do not document. Having written goals, checklists, procedures and processes helps you to stay more focused and you do not have to reinvent the wheel every time you do something you have already done. Also plan out and write in your schedule the time to finish tasks and set deadlines for when certain tasks must be done. The more you document the more you can turn over to someone else on your team and that will really allow you to grow.

Track Your Results
You do not need an expensive tracking system to help you track your results. Even a notebook and checklist can be a very good system as long as you use it. If you have a contact management system with a shopping cart your sales are tracked automatically as well as inquiries. You can set up your system to give you regular sales reports. Whatever system you will use to keep track of results in areas is the one to keep using.

Test-Upgrade, Test-Upgrade, Test-Upgrade
When you do something be sure to write down each step in the process and then after you do it go back and upgrade the process. If something does not work the first time, like an event or teleclass, do not scrap it. Instead make upgrades to your content, your marketing, the website and then try it again, and upgrade then again. I encourage you to test almost everything three times. The first two times are practice and figuring it out for the third time.

Always Be Reviewing and Upgrading Your Goals and Action Plan
People sometimes ask “when should I review my business goals?” The answer is: always. Daily, review your goals and action plan and upgrade them as needed. Whenever you see an opportunity to tweak some aspect of your business, grab it. Whenever you see a chance to make your business stronger, do it! Very often, it’s the little things that make the difference in your business, be a daily reviewer and always upgrade at every chance.

Better business results will come from following the above ideas. Try these actions for 30 days, one month, and watch your business success catapult!

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