What is required to be a successful woman entrepreneur? Hernan Cortez, was a Spanish conquistador who in burned the ships that brought his 600 men to the shores of Mexico for battle. He did not want them to have any retreat and to fight as such. I see it all the time, women who are “in” business but not “all in” business. They are still considering retreat. This is like having a conversation at a party with someone who is looking past you to see if someone more interesting is around. You can tell they are not fully engaged in the situation they are in.

Do not ever be that woman in your business. The one who asks herself, if she can make it, rather than ask herself how she can make it. Successful women do not do that. Women who grow thriving businesses are women who are “all in.” They are fully committed to their businesses and their missions.

When you are “all in” you are already successful. Because you had the courage to take the leap to self-employment, because you said yes to your passion and your purpose and to being yourself while you do your work. You have a business that reflects your values not someone else’s.

Of course there are many challenges to overcome, much to learn and lean months at least in the beginning. However do not put off the robust revenue months because you have one foot in your business and one foot out.

Be certain of the value you have to bring and be certain you can figure out how make it work and then go prove yourself right. The rewards of being a successful woman in business are many and they only come to those of us who are “all in.” Decide to be “all in” now.


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