What’s Standing in Your Way of Success?

What has doubt got to do with it?

How many times have you heard, “You can’t do that” or “It will never work” with regards to your business, whether launching a new product or service, or just starting the business in the first place?

We all have that little negative voice, that doubting, skeptical, critical naysayer who’s trying to derail our plans. Sometimes it’s a well-intentioned friend or relative who’s trying to save us from making a “horrible mistake”; sometimes our fear and inexperience will try and drive a wedge, while other times, we are paralyzed by the destructive (and not well meaning) words of someone from our past.For many years, I carried with me the words of a news director at a teeny tiny TV station I reported for when I was going to Northwestern University for a master’s in broadcast journalism. After one of my stories aired, he said “You will never make it in television.” (“Never” was said with a disdain that was totally out of proportion to whatever my supposed inadequacies were.) Suffice it to say, though,  I was crushed. How was I going to change the world?  My reaction was to push his words aside and persevere. Or so I thought. 27 years later,  during a session with one of my business coaches, she asked me to go as far back as I needed to to find the person or incident that made me think I wasn’t good enough. That moment and six words is what came up.

Ingrid Vandervelt is an entrepreneur with an ambitious goal. In this article for Entrepreneur, she explains how she confronts her doubters and is helping to empower women.

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