Tips for Designing The Program for Your 1-Day Women’s Event

Businesswoman talking on the phoneComing up with an effective curriculum design for a one-day of event can be challenging. I am sure you have sat through a few seminars that could have used a few upgrades. I know you want your program to be full of massive value, with ample opportunity for people to connect and also be fun. With that in mind, here are a few tips to ensure your event or retreat is a success:

Clarify your objectives
Most likely, you will have way more curriculum than you can present in one day. By clarifying your objectives, you will be able to choose the best segments of your content to serve your attendees. Those objectives will be the basis of your training plan for the day, as well as your follow up programs. If you are going to have guest speakers, make sure their curriculum is in alignment with your goals for the day. Have a written agreement with your guest speakers and have a conversation with them about your objectives and get clear on what results the audience will walk away with from their talk.

Take time to prepare
An effective speaker does not wing it. Take time to prepare, practice and review what you are offering. Learn as much as you can about the people who will be attending. You may send out a pre-program questionnaire and ask their goals in attending. This can help you better prepare and ensure your program is relevant to the people who will be joining you.

Logistics, logistics, logistics
A venue that is brand consistent is key. No matter how wonderfully inspired your curriculum is, if you’re conducting your sessions in a place that is not conducive to learning it will be highly distracting not just to you but to the participants as well.

Activities are awesome
As you design your day, keep in mind that having to sit through an entire day of listening to you speak from the stage or front of the room is not an effective way to keep the audience engaged. Activities, sharing and group exercises are beneficial for the attendees and significantly enhance their event experience.

It’s good to take a break
For a whole day session, take a morning break, a lunch break and a mid-afternoon break. This allows everyone to take the time to refresh themselves and prepare for the next session. Here is a super tip: I sometimes like to extend a break when I see everyone connecting with each other and having a great time connecting. This is a big part of the value of your program. Be sure to allow lots of time for networking and visiting.

Use these ideas to make your next one-day event or retreat an amazing event or retreat.

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