A Powerful New Year Filled With Desire!

goals, desiresCheers to 2015! It’s arrived in style and millions are proclaiming their resolutions for a fabulous new year. It could be starting a new diet, a fitness program, or doing some financial planning. You name it…it’s probably on someone’s list.

However, according to Forbes in January of 2013 only 8% of people actually achieve their resolution goals. They start off with the greatest intentions and then before long fall back into what they know as comfortable.

I’d like to propose a new way of setting goals for yourself in 2015. What if you set goals based on how you want to FEEL. Not based on WHAT you want (new job, fit body, new house) but goals based on HOW you actually want to FEEL. What does your heart and soul desire? This is a completely different way of doing things. You might be surprised to see that your “goals” change when you put your desires behind them.

Heres how to create goals from desire in 3 simple steps:

1. On a sheet of paper list the five major areas of life. (You can work on all five areas or choose just one.)

  • Relationships (Not just romantic)
  • Spirituality
  • Health/Wellness
  • Professional
  • Wealth

2. Next I want you to do what I call “soul dumping”. This is very different than listing WHAT YOU WANT in each life area. This is about feeling. How do you want to feel? I want you to list any feeling or sensation that comes to mind when you think about that specific area of your life. For example….Relationships: safe, connected, truth, seen, heard, easy, etc…

3. Now your going to put action to those feelings but I want you to keep it simple and manageable. Go back to each category and list what you would need to do or change in order to experience those feelings on a daily basis. This might be hard. You might realize you need to make some major changes this year. (Ex…Relationships: connection – call my sister on Sunday mornings while having my coffee. No text or email.)

No matter if it’s it one small change or ten big ones…be open to your hearts desires.

Now…how do you want to feel in 2015?

Stephanie JohnsonGuest Writer-Stephanie Johnson
Stephanie empowers women struggling with the transition from married to single life. She helps women step into their power and create a new life based on their desires. By using their feminine power with intention, awareness and desire, she inspires women to become more confident, sexy and POWERFUL!

Stephanie is a Certified Life Coach, writer and an official Desire Map Facilitator. She will be hosting virtual workshops, in-person workshops and retreats in 2015. To learn more visit www.thePOWERFULdivorce.com


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