Your #1 Superpower You Maybe Ignoring

Laurie Z Dream Vision copyThere is an incredible power that you have.

With this power you are able to know exactly what to do, when to do it, and even how to do something.

Let me ask you something. What would be the highest source of information for you?

What if you were to get guidance for your business, answers for your questions, and solutions for your personal evolution from the highest source of information?

Would that make your life smooth, more fun, and certainly exciting?

I recently held a no-cost call, and on the call I was talking about one of the powerful ways to manifest. Many acknowledged that they didn’t recognize this process as connected to manifesting.

See if these three sayings are familiar to you or if you’ve heard yourself say:

  • “I wish I had followed my first mind.”
  • “Something told me…”
  • “Everything just fell into place.”

Now I want you to think about the situations or experiences that led to you saying any of these responses. What is so powerful for me, and maybe for you, is that the guidance was always accurate.

Listen, if you have a dream and a goal and you could receive the highest guidance and information to support you reaching your accomplishment … would that be of value to you?

I suspect your first thought is yes. Take a moment and think of what you have been hearing.

I found for so many years that I would actually ignore the guidance that I received. Until one day…

I started to pay attention to the synchronicity.

OMG!! Can I tell you that what I began to see blew me away?

Following my first mind… led to answers and solutions, and spot on guidance.

“Something” told me… led to meeting people, making connections, as well as changing lanes while driving, calling a friend I hadn’t talked with in some time only to hear, “I have been thinking about you “.

Everything falling into place…looked like my retreat event coming together, the perfect VA showing up,  an amazing home loan getting approved, my custody arrangements being finalized, my book getting published, and more.

What is this superpower? It is the innate energy of intuition.

You may call it your sixth sense.

I have found that:

  1. I gain clarity following my intuition.
  2. Synchronicity abounds!
  3. Life is so vibrant, alive, and fun.
  4. I feel connected to something Bigger than I am.

So, think about it. If you have a superpower, wouldn’t you want to use it, especially if it will increase your fulfillment, confidence, your sense of connectedness and your income?

I know I would. So next time you hear that soft whisper, the gentle nudge to stand up for yourself, to step into your greatness, to write that book, to take care of yourself first… trust it and follow it. I’d love for you to email me your experiences.


Much love and respect,

Rev. Jenenne




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