It’s Closer Than You Think

mindsetWhat if I told you that the life of your dreams, is closer than you know.

What would you say?

I hear you.

Some of you say, with excitement and enthusiasm, “I know!”

Others of you say, in a lower tone, “Yeah, sure.”

I get it.

Do you live with a knowingness about life and YOUR power in your life?

Or because you’ve worked so hard for it, and the fact that it hasn’t shown up leave you doubtful, frustrated, and weary?

Actually, I’ve lived in both perceptions at different points on my journey. Like many of you, I’ve struggled with life, the experiences in my life, and what I perceived as obstacles. I’ve felt powerless to have an impact. For me, it always seemed to be the same two things: money and/or love. I was either in the wrong relationship with the right person or the right person having the wrong type of relationship. Given what I know now, it only makes sense that my experience with money during those years reflected my relationship with my lover and myself. I would have money and then … not have money, only to have it again.

Have you ever been in this cycle?

Wanting something to be different so bad and thinking you just can’t make it happen. I wish I could say that one day that all changed. But I can’t, because it wasn’t one day. It was however…


One act that became the trigger for everything to fall like dominoes. It was one quiet heartfelt and laser-focused action. I think it was the only thing I could think of to do. I can remember that early morning. I was desperate for my life to change and to snatch my power back. So I did the only thing I could think of: I spoke words within from the depths of my heart into the Void of the Universe … to God … in total surrender and trust.

The next morning, I said Yes within my heart, and my life changed.

That was many years ago.

What I know is that there is ONE ACTION that you can take to change your situation. One laser-focused action from your heart. I guess the only question is, “Will you?”

What one action will you take today?

Decide today to hire a coach?

To schedule a complimentary discovery session? To go after your happiness?

This is your life. This is your freedom. This is what you’ve been praying for and asking for.

All it takes is…One action.

From my heart to yours,

Rev. Jenenne


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