Google Update: Is your website mobile friendly?

Google Update, Mobile ReadyHey, did you hear?

Google recently made a HUGE announcement, “Starting April 21, we will be expanding our use of mobile friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results.”


It’s been said that this update will be more disruptive than the Panda and Penguin updates combined. Over 40% of mobile search queries will be affected.

Literally over night after the Panda and Penguin updates many people lost their business presence. Some businesses that had owned the first page for years were GONE.

So, if you’ve invested money into SEO to get found in organic search (category of business, your city), you might lose out if you haven’t already updated to a friendly mobile-ready website. If you’re not currently ranked, then you just might not be found on mobile platforms in the future.

Why is this so important?

Mobile usage is GROWING each and every year.

• In early 2014, Internet usage on mobile devices exceeded PC usage for the first time in history. This means the landscape in which businesses operate has changed forever.
• World wide total smart phone usage has reached 1.75 billion users last year.
• Projected mobile internet usage will rise to 69.4% by 2017.
• Nearly two-fifths of all mobile phone users—close to one-quarter of the worldwide population—used a smartphone at least monthly in 2014. World wide useage

Many non mobile friendly sites will be penalized by Google if your customer can’t read your site on their smartphone or tablet.

Important. Check this out…

Ease of navigation, readability and use is required. On the left side its too small to read or use. On the right, mobile buttons make usage easy.

If your website does not pass the Google update it could affect you in two ways:

1) Your website may fall in Google rankings for both desktop and mobile.

2) Your traffic and sales conversions may decrease online.
If you missed the update deadline, it may still be okay. Google often takes time to rollout these huge updates. But you may want to get your website checked out before too long.

Don’t risk it and lose all the money you’ve invested to get your site seen! Get a clean website bill of health and make the update today.

We can check your website for FREE to see if it passes the Google mobile requirement test.

Contact me today (925) 683-7714 and I can personally help you.  Tell us you are a Today’s Innovative Woman reader to receive our VIP package.

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