Is Your Body on Your Success Team?

SFBA_Is Your Body on Your Success Team_PHOTO 2At one level, it’s a silly question. Of course your body is on your success team. After all, you couldn’t get very far without it. The real question is, what relationship do you have with your body? Do you continue to push yourself when you know you are tired? Do you eat on the go because there’s just no time in the day to have a relaxing meal? Do you put the pause button throughout the day and take a moment to breathe?

In the old paradigm of doing business, working 24/7 got you a badge of courage. The cost on the body for that model was high. Stress and overwork go together like salt and pepper. Google the words stress and overwork and you’ll get a whopping 38,600,00 hits.

In the March/April edition of Today’s Innovative Woman I spoke of night time dreams as being like our best friend that always tells us the truth. The body is the same. It never lies. We can tell ourselves that we are not tired and push through but eventually the body will have its way. What I know for sure is that when we don’t care for our bodies they let us know. And if we don’t pay attention to the little symptoms we might get a big correction!

As a tapping practitioner and essential oils advocate I know that even little steps taken to honor the body and can lower stress can make a huge difference. Choose one of the following to honor your body.

SFBA_Is Your Body on Your Success Team_PHOTO 1Enjoy a body scan every day. This takes as little as three to five minutes and you can do it before getting out of bed! A body scan is simply a form of mindfulness. Begin with sensing your feet. Breathe. Relax. Then move up your body, sensing each part of your body and inviting deep relaxation as you prepare for your day.

Take time to enjoy your food. Try setting the timer for as little as 7 minutes and appreciate the flavors and textures of your food while doing absolutely nothing else. Our digestion systems work better when we give ourselves permission to relax and enjoy our food.

Experiment with a morning and evening essential oils routine. Quality essential oils like those from doTERRA can support our emotional and physical health as we go about our day. Choose a citrus oil like lemon or lime or wild orange to uplift and energize in the morning.  Use it aromatically or put a few drops on the back of the neck or the inside of the wrists. Try putting a couple of drops of lavender oil on the bottom of your feet at night to enjoy a good night’s sleep.
When you give your body a stronger voice on your success team, everybody wins.

Guest Writer-Jean Kathryn Carlson

Jean Kathryn Carlson is a Dream Alchemist, speaker and co-author of Catch Your Star and On the Wings of Faith.  Her unique alchemical blend of dreamwork and tapping sets the stage for a powerful and transformational experience.  Find out more about Jean at or email her at


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