What Are YOU Listening To?

Smart Women BelieveWhen you’re listening to the radio, how often do you find yourself listening to music or songs you don’t like? How much time do you spend listening to mindless, unproductive television programming?

Or … are you selective about what you listen to?

What about when you’re listening to your thinking? Yes, your thoughts. Are you selective about what you will allow your mind to focus on?

Consider this: how many times do you find yourself, over the course of the day, on the “Power & Success Channel 100.0?” On this channel, you have a running list of everything you accomplished, everything you completed, everything that made you feel fulfilled; you lift your vibration to attract your reality, because you know you are the creator.

This is the channel where you acknowledge what did work, what did come through, and how often your intuition was right on point. Listening to this channel, you dance in the joy of your “wins,” no matter how small. You pat yourself on the back for staying focused on your goal until it is achieved. You offer compassion to yourself.

Now, this isn’t the only choice, by any means. There are several other powerful channels vying for your attention. For instance, “Not Enough 23.4” and the “Static Channel 70.6.

Which channel are you listening to?

The channels filled with limitation, lack, and if unchecked, that run rampant like a steady, flowing stream? Unfortunately, these channels can be more familiar at times, even though they block or slow what you want to see in your life.

So, how do you stick to the Power & Success Channel 100.0?

Take out a sheet of paper and write down:

  • What you have completed,accomplished, and achieved!!!
  • Five thoughts that support your goals.
  • How you celebrate your success.
  •  Three times your intuition was right.

Then post these where you can read them daily for seven days three times a day. Begin the practice of consciously choosing what you will listen to in your mind and choose what will manifest as your reality.

Much love & respect,

Rev. Jenenne

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