Business Or A Job?

Ask yourself What is your Why, Entrepreneurs,I use to always hear my coach talk about working “on” your business rather than “in” your business.

It would honestly, be two years before I would realized that, my “business”, was really my new job and begin to take steps to build a business.

I was fired in September of 2011.

I had complained to the universe to such a degree that, my complaints were honored. No longer could I say, ‘I’ll be glad when I can write my book” or ‘I’ll be glad when I can start my business.”

Nope, the universe gave me my freedom.

Standing there at the crossroad of possibility I decided to take myself up on it. After a drive up the coast to Northern California, I returned home and declared that I was going to be an entrepreneur. I’m not sure if I even knew how to spell it, then.

I created a website after meditating on what I had to offer the community (first mistake), I created several products based on my ideas (second mistake) and I even joined a year-long Global Leadership Program with the New York Best Selling Author Lisa Nichols. I worked in my business, that wasn’t a business yet, creating products, writing my book, working with a coach and doing some of what she offered.

I held several teleseminars and even a telesummit that built my list to just less than 400. Next, it was a matter of what to do with the list. I began to send emails and write blog posts and nurtured them to apathy with 500 words and three tips.

But I was still working “in” my business.

Why? Simply, because it felt safe.

It was familiar sitting at my desk. As much as I had complained about wanting to write my own book and do what I wanted, it was scary.

Fast forward to today and I am clear and confident that my intention and actions are to build a business.

This is not a hobby. It’s my life.

When I walk into my office now my focus is business development, i.e. working “on” my business. How do I know?

My vision is a business that will generate revenue whether I am in my office on sitting on an island in Greece.

I’m putting the systems in place to provide consistent interface for my clients with my brand, Spirit and Riches, not necessarily depended on me.

I remember the reason I am building a business, in the first place, which is based on my vision for my life, my family and the legacy for my son.

I delegate to my team members and am in the process of creating an operating procedure manual to offer consistent, quality experiences with my clients and the public.

I have in place the necessary infrastructure for this stage of my business such as a bookkeeper, tax preparer, attorney, social media team, and a financial planner.

So I ask you, what are you creating: is it a business or is it a job dependent upon you to do everything?  I’d love to offer you a free consult for clarity.

Much love & respect,

Rev Jenenne


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