Being Nice? Time To Be Fierce

Image_Rules-Key-e1419114396960What is it costing you? Not being able to say no!

People ask you to do something and your inside screams No! but you say, “Yeah, sure.” Do you think of yourself as being easy to get along with, you go with the flow, and you’re very accommodating? Or, more important, is that how others describe you?

Let me ask you… are you tired?

Do you feel that people walk all over you at times? And even more, you feel that people take advantage of you? Well, if you’re not sure, think of this: do you feel ignored when you have something important to say; that your voice/opinion doesn’t matter?

I don’t know about you, but for me people-pleasing was draining and even heartbreaking. Because when I needed others, they weren’t as accommodating as I thought they would be… as I had been. Putting everyone else’s needs before my own was exhausting. All my energy was going out. I didn’t think I could stand the force of their rejection, judgment, criticism or attack, or even abandonment… so I was nice.

Does that resonate with you?

Wanting to fit in was coming with a great cost, emotionally and spiritually. It impacted my happiness, my sense of value, and maximizing my potential. Learning to stand up for myself has been an enlightening journey. Learning to please myself, say what I feel, and place my needs as important has been nothing short of empowering, confidence building, and healing.

How did this happen?

I began to accept the truth of how I really felt on the inside. See, as long as I ignored how empty, sad, or frustrated I really was, I could keep focusing on others and pleasing others. Once I slowed down and gave myself permission to notice how I really felt… I cried. On a deeper level… I felt alone.

That was the turning point.

No one had told me how significant it would be to my success, my personal development, and happiness, to honor my authentic self and to access my feminine power within. I found out instead.

And so can you, especially when you are willing to tell yourself the truth.

If you’re struggling in your business, relationships, or success, look to see if the root of the problem is that you are trying to please everyone… you’re being nice, when it’s time for you to be fierce.

I’ve created a life-changing experience where you can begin to be heard, honored, and can experience healing from people-pleasing. Let me know if you want to know more at:

Much love & respect,

Rev. Jenenne


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