Stop Waiting for Ready

Sandy stetler pic 2Ready is a myth. It is in the doing that you are best preparing to do what you want to do. Too often women entrepreneurs spend endless hours or weeks, figuring everything out and they may still not get busy doing what they want to do.

I have a talented, gifted, smart client who is frequently waiting until everything is totally figured out as in a course being 100% written before it is marketed, or everything is 100% done including every last tweak of a website before it goes live and everything is ideal including having 100% enrollment in a group before she starts anything. As a result of this consistent behavior it takes her forever to do anything and her business is not growing. Does any of that ring a bell for you? Does this sound like you?

Instead of waiting for ready do the opposite and be willing to create and learn as you go. Maybe that sounds scary and I will not deny that it is, however learning and creating as you go keeps you in forward motion. Waiting for ready is staying in the same place and being stagnant while you get everything completed.

Let’s be very clear waiting for ready holds you back. A successful business is in a constant state of stretching and reinventing and adjusting. You as the entrepreneur are best served by also being in a constant state of stretching, reinventing, adjusting and learning. The learning is in the doing- not in the preparing.

Ask yourself right now: Where are you waiting for ready and what is that costing you? Next question: what are you going to do about it? Be willing to be uncomfortable while you are creating learning and growing. This is your key to running a truly extraordinary business. Get going now.

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