Grow Your Revenue and Expand Your Fempire

fp_box_03Sometimes women have a lot of attention on serving their clients really well and not enough attention on bringing in enough sales to keep their business profitable and sustainable. To ensure you thrive in your business, follow these super tips, do them consistently and watch your revenue grow and grow:

TRACK YOUR BEST SALES DAY, WEEK AND MONTH. Stay focused and notice what systems, support and strategies raise your revenue. Notice also what you are doing that is not helping. This will allow you to recognize what changes to make to grow your sales.

In order to have your revenue climb month after month, you want to focus on not only how much is deposited in your bank account each month but also focus on raising your revenue for what you have sold that will come in over the next several months. TIP: Offering a multi-pay option makes clients buying decisions easier.

START TO TRACK AND SET GOALS FOR HOW MANY REFERRALS YOU RECEIVE. The reason why we often do not get a consistent flow of referrals is that we do not set goals around referrals so we do not get a lot of referrals. This month set a goal for how many referrals you are going to receive from your clients and trusted alliance partners. Track and raise that goal each month.

SET A GOAL FOR HOW MANY SALES CONVERSATIONS YOU WANT TO HAVE EACH WEEK AND TRACK THE RESULTS. To grow your sales you also have to grow your sales conversations. Testing shows, the more sales conversations that happen in a week, the more sales will happen as well. Also track the percentage of sales conversations that result in a sale, so you can know your closing ration and can therefore keep improving your closing ratio.

Caterina Rando is a master business coach for women. She wants to support you to be louder, prouder and more certain about the massive value you have to bring. She is super excited to be taking over this magazine in 2016. Find out more about Caterina and all her awesome business building programs and events at Attend her Expand Your Fempire event in January Caterina would love to hear from you at 415- 668-4535 or via email at

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