11 Affirmations to Get Dressed By for 2016

As you read these Style affirmations, can you relate? I invite you to look at your image from this point of view. When Marion picyou focus on improving your image, you think less about yourself and can focus your attention on your loved ones or the tasks at hand. Looking great can make you feel great and will naturally improve your role as a mother, professional, or partner. Worries and insecurities are replaced by knowledge and self-care practices that only yield positive results. Which of these affirmations will you embrace?

I owe it to (fill in the blank with loved one’s names) to have their memory of me be of a woman who respects herself.

2. It’s so therapeutic to dress in line with my personality and my values. I am so essentially me!

3. Looking confident in a well-put together outfit that fits and flatters me opens doors I never could have dreamed of!

4. I work from home, so really, looking good matters to no one  but me. By looking good, I’m telling myself I matter. Isn’t that what self-care is all about?

5. When I walk through a door, I want to feel I look my best. I can expand my charisma with my attitude, my style and my smile.

6. My style needs to be a part of who I am. What is inside is completely influenced by how I look on the outside. It doesn’t have to take a lot of time or money – just a little thought and effort.

7. Paying attention to how I look shows that I respect myself and that I respect you. I believe I owe it to myself to show up in life, and the benefits are tangible. Not only do I feel better and have more confidence, but also I’m amazed at the response of those around me.

8. People are often complimenting me on the way I dress and it makes me smile. It clearly makes them smile and we’re all just generally nicer to each other.

9. It makes it easier for me to accept myself when I dress my  body well. How bad can wobbly thighs be when I have a flirty tunic over my jeans and wear fun accessories including killer boots.

10. I like being surrounded by color, texture, and interesting details. This is a place where I can be creative and it pleases other people when I do.

11. I’m only living once. I’m going to go for the gusto and put on something I love.
I would love to help you have the confidence you deserve. Come talk to me and we can turn your aspirations into reality. You deserve it!

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