5 Key Questions Healthy Midlife Women Entrepreneurs Ask Themselves Each Year

Ask yourself What is your Why, Entrepreneurs,Do you have…
Revenue goals for your business this year?
Goals for how many clients you want to be working with?
Goals on how many speeches, presentations, or events you want to do?

Of course you do. You’re a successful woman entrepreneur building your “fempire” (Thank you Caterina Rando for creating a new word that defines women who run businesses with multiple streams of income).

I hope you want to take your business to the next level this year – more income, more clients, more mastery in your field of expertise, more influence, expand your reach, and make the world a better place through your business services.

I have these business goals too, but also as a health and wellness coach for women in their 50’s, I know how important your health is in determining whether you’ll reach your business goals this year or not.

Achieving those audacious business goals is going to require you bringing out the absolute best in yourself this year. In order to do that, you must also take a good, hard look at your health.

If you believe that optimal health can lead to more wealth, not just in your business, but in your life this year, I encourage you to set aside some time today to ask yourself these five key questions:

1.    What are my health goals this year?
(Maybe it’s to lower your blood sugar or blood pressure, get off medication once and for all, increase your energy and stamina, lose 25 pounds, or run/walk a 5K, etc.)
2.    In what ways can I improve my sleep habits this year?
3.    How can my nutrition habits be improved?
4.    How many times a week will I commit to exercising?
5.    Where in my week will I build in relaxation, rejuvenation, rest, fun, and play?

My hope is that you approach your health goals with the same audacity that you approach your business goals this year. Like your business progress, the same goes for your health – create an exciting vision of what could be, get the support, accountability, and guidance that you need to put a plan into place, and do what you need to do to move your needle forward just a little each day toward that vision of your healthiest, wealthiest self.

I have just the place for you to get started. Hop on over to my free Facebook group called “Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise Women Entrepreneurs in Their 50’s with Kim Acedo” and let’s continue the conversation there.

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