A Simpler Life

happy young woman is jumpingWelcome to a brand new year!  For many of us the holidays are a time to sit back, relax and count the blessings in our lives.  But for many of us they are a frantic dashing from here to there, just trying to get ready for the next thing.  So, what if this year we decided to aim for a simpler life?  One in which we take the time to really pay attention to the people in our lives who matter most to us and the activities that give us the most joy?  What if we dedicated ourselves to learning when enough is enough?  In our journey together this year I will again and again invite you to ask yourself the question “How will I know when I have enough?”  And you can add to the question whatever seems most important to you in the moment.  For example, you might ask yourself “How will I know when I have enough pairs of shoes?”  Or you might ask “How will I know when I have enough events to attend?”  Or “How will I know when I have worked enough for the day?”

Here are four things to consider in getting started:

  • With whom do you want to spend more time? -Start with a list of people and then put them in priority order.
  • What events that you regularly attend give you the most satisfaction? -This could be events that you particularly enjoy and/or result in the most business.
  • Would you like to change the amount or kinds of things you eat or drink? -Be honest here.  Do not worry for the time being about how you are going to do it.
  • Is there any area of your home that feels particularly cluttered? -Start with baby steps.  You cannot clear out the entire garage in one morning.

That is probably enough for now.  Good luck!

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