Have a BRAND new year!

The new year is a time for reflection and anticipation, filled with hope, resolutions and visions of making this year your BEST YEAR EVER!

Let’s start with your BRAND: Great branding clearly, concisely and confidently communicates who you are, what you do and the results of working with you. It differentiates you from the myriad of others who are doing the same thing. However, we all know you have your own special way of doing it and that is what branding does; it reflects your personality and your core values, and does it in such a way that your ideal clients are physically drawn to you.

So for your BRAND new year: Decide who you want to play with, what you want to do for them, and what results they will get from working with you.

Now extend your BRAND: Once you have it, share it with everyone and put it everywhere. If you’re branding yourself as a speaker, that should be on all your print and online media.

Capture attention: When potential clients are searching the web, you have 4 seconds to capture their attention and only 4 seconds afterward to keep it. That means clarity is key, and the user has to understand the results you offer specifically for them or they will keep looking for someone who does.

Make it visual: Color and images are visual reflections of your brand, so keep them congruent. This includes: website, business cards, fliers, signage, email marketing, information products, and so on. Everything looks like it came from the same family; this instills confidence and credibility.

With a clear message and a strong brand, you are set up for success, able to confidently attract your ideal clients, and transform lives with your awesome gifts and talents. Congratulations in advance on your best year ever!

Tammy Tribble is the founder of Mimetic Design Systems, Inc. She works with entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and business owners who are ready to stand out from the crowd and make a difference within their target markets. She is a branding specialist, providing businesses with communication and marketing materials designed to tell everyone about their amazing business. She helps her clients fulfill their dreams and make their vision a reality! Contact Tammy at 510-881-8446 or tammyt@mimeticsystems.com.

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