How to Heal your broken heart with Energy Medicine

Ouch! How do you heal a broken heart? Ever have an emotional trauma that hit you like a harpoon in the chest? Or Broken Heartmaybe you are just extremely empathic and you dodge these daggers daily? Here is this goddess’s recipe for healing a broken heart chakra.

You are going to want to get yourself some support if you have had any major stress or emotional trauma whether it is heart related or not. Here are my favorite remedies for heart related emotional trauma’s.

Aromatherapy: I use Aromatherapy in my practice to heal and support the emotional body. Flowers are the Diva’s of nature. Aromatherapy is nature’s little pick me up. Much more than just a faint wafting scent, the tiny molecules of the oils are so small that they absorb directly into the bloodstream and penetrate the blood brain barrier for an instant boost when you need it. Call on the goddess energy Maeve to help in this area.  

For shock or heart trauma I may use helichrysum to help with the shock and I also like Young Living Harmony Blend to calibrate and soothe the etheric energy bodies. If there is physical pain or tightness in the chest I might put just a tiny drop of jasmine to smoothe out the rough edges.

Energy Medicine: Call in your Angels, Healing Masters and Guides to assist you on an energetic level. Spend time daily in meditation communicating with your etheric healing team. I also recommend getting some Hand’s On energy work or massage therapy by a trusted practitioner. Regardless of what modality your practitioner uses nothing beats the nurturing healing power of touch when our heart is wounded or hurting.

Sound Healing: Sound healing is an extremely effective for clearing energy down to the cellular level. In my practice I offer Sacred Sound Massage  using crystal singing bowls, tuning forks, huna breathwork and a guided visualizations to clear out shattered emotional debris from the clients heart and energy field after and emotional trauma. Client’s like that they can later use visualizations and energy tools as part of their daily meditation practice to further accelerate healing.

As a free gift let me offer you this free 60 second heart healing sound meditation. Listen to it daily. Practice breathing the tone deeply into your heart and allow it to release any energetic debris that is lingering from your trauma. Now Exhale just letting it all go!

Aeriol Ascher, Energy Healing Expert, Angel Intuitive, Speaker and Spiritual Advisor has been in the field of healing and personal development for 20+ years. Her Metaphysical Soul Spa: Reiki Angel Intuitive Arts was voted Best Day Spa in Silicon Valley 2015 by the San Jose Mercury News. Aeriol is available for speaking engagements as well as private readings and energy healing. Please go to her website: and sign up for her FREE 7 Chakra Energy & sound meditation video e-course.

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