Increase Your Presence, Create Powerful Relationships

Part 2 of 6…

Are you great at getting out there and going to events, yet not quite connecting with people or getting noticed?  If so Andrea woolf Jan pic2the first place to look at is YOU, since you are the common denominator and the star of your show.

The good news is that, with just a few slight tweaks to how you are showing up in your business and personal life, it is absolutely possible to create very different results.

Here are five ways to increase your presence:

  1. Raise your energy – move your body, dance through life, and simply choose to be more energized.
  2. Believe in yourself – quiet those negative voices in your head, riddled with worry, fear and self-doubt, and be your own biggest champion.
  3. Trust yourself – breathe and get centered, so you can access your inner wisdom and stand in your power.
  4. Know that you matter and have HUGE value to bring:
  • Own that whatever you are up to is important.
  • Get that your contribution is unique.
  • Integrate into your being that you are the gift the world has been waiting for.

Two easy ways to know when you have successfully increased your presence:

  1. Check in with how you feel.  You will know it if you feel energized, connected, and powerful.  Your tummy is tingling with excitement, and you feel seen and heard.  How great is that?
  2. Notice how others respond to you differently.  People are more open with you, as well as more interested in you.  They are eager to pursue the relationship with you.  Magically there is more connection happening with much greater ease.

These are just a few examples of the amazing results that are possible by increasing your presence.  Put this into practice to access the incredible power within you, and watch the impact you have in your business and personal life.

Reminder this article is part of a series on how to become a Woman of Impact.  Go to my Expert page to see the six articles.

I would love to speak with you about what you are up to and support you in your journey.  I can be reached at and by phone at 949-713-7734.


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