Marketing is about Inspiring People

Diana-Ideas Graphic copyMarketing is about Inspiring your potential clients to take action on your expertise. When you share content to educate, inspire and motivate your customers and potential customers you get to be as passionate as you want to be about motivating them to take action. You will attract the people who will benefit from your expertise. These are the people who are ready to learn from you. Maybe they are ready to buy from you but you don’t know that and sometimes, neither do they.

An Example of How Marketing Inspires People

Let’s say you are a health and nutrition consultant. You are passionate about inspiring people to eat healthy. You want to motivate them by educating them on how to eat right, what to eat, what not to eat, the results of not eating right, the benefits of eating right. In your blog, you’re not selling them your workshop or your teleseminar. You’re inspiring them to take right action. And you’re educating them about the cost of not eating healthy. Sure you will have tools and programs to offer them support but that’s a different conversation.

The intention of your blog is to inspire, educate and motivate people and to build relationships. Hopefully what people get from your blog is a good feeling that you really care about them and want to help them. If they really feel this, they will take the next steps to find out more about you. If every one of your blog posts ends with “buy my this or that” people feel pushed and usually don’t buy. But when they feel that you genuinely care about them, they are inspired to move forward.

Diana Concoff Morgan, Business and Marketing Coach, author and speaker is passionate about teaching, inspiring and empowering entrepreneurs to grow their businesses. She specializes in online and offline strategies; showing you how to apply them to your business to get results. Diana has over 20 years of successful business and marketing experience, building 2 of her own businesses using the strategies she offers her clients. She understands the struggles and challenges of building an effective, authentic online presence and has the patience and know-how to help you. She offers live and virtual trainings, and “Done For You” internet marketing services.

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