Money Loves Clarity

Laura G pic copyWe start a great company, full of passion for changing the World – confident that we will create amazing impact and serve millions in new, innovative ways.

Suddenly there are not enough hours in the day and the revenue is just not flowing.  We often end up dreading that business we once loved.

Brilliant entrepreneurs are creative visionaries.  However, the talent we have around creating is not usually paired with a passion for structures and systems.

Here’s the good news.  It doesn’t have to be so hard.  It also doesn’t have to take long to find your time and money freedom.

It is time to refocus.  Time and money shortages are simply an indication that we have gotten off track.

With a few short exercises, you can craft simple systems that will have money and time available to you in abundance.

Money Loves Clarity.  If you are struggling with cash flow, I want you to get back to the basics.  Ask yourself 3 things:

  1. Who do I serve? Not everyone – but that sweet, ideal client that you love working with
  2. What is their problem.  Not every problem you could solve, but that one simple place that you know keeps them stuck and you are uniquely qualified to move them through it; and
  3. What is the solution you can create together and what will be the result?

Example:  Legacy Leaders Global serves well established, women entrepreneurs with a passion for changing the World, (1) who are struggling with time management and inconsistent revenues (2).  Together we craft simple, clear systems to provide consistent, recurring revenue and time freedom so they can be the visionary leaders they are here to be (3).

Simple systems work wonders. Visit for great exercises and tools to get you back on track.

To your success!


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