Spiritual Marketing, Part Four: A Path for Your Best Year Ever

(This is the final article in a series about the four pillars of spiritual marketing, so you get results and enjoy the process.)

Try building or improving the pillars of your marketing to create your best year ever! These four pillars involve getting clear on the truth, plan, message and path within your business. The fourth pillar—the path—is where it all comes together to move you and your clients forward.

How to walk your spiritual marketing path:

  • Design your client pathway. This is the path your client will follow from your first introduction through purchase and delivery. You want to consciously deliver your offers, sales conversations, and follow-ups in ways that project your brand well and feel good for everyone involved—including you!
  • Create ongoing paths. So you don’t have to constantly look for new clients, you can give your existing ones somewhere to go beyond your initial services. Design ongoing ways for your clients to engage with your services for long-term relationships and mutually beneficial outcomes.
  • Dance with the universe. Even the best laid plans don’t always come to pass. There are simply too many variables outside our control for things to remain predictable and unchanging. So it helps to learn your version of being authentically responsive, rather than reactive, so you can flow with what is and make the dance more graceful.
  • Stay centered in your power. Every step forward brings not only opportunity in the business sense but growth for you as the owner. Discover your powerful inner tools for remaining present and conscious as you and your business grow. Staying centered feeds your spirit!

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