Spiritual Marketing, Part Two: A Plan for Your Best Year Ever

JustDoIt(This is the second in a series about the four pillars of spiritual marketing, so you get results and enjoy the process.)

Try building or improving the pillars of your marketing to create your best year ever! These four pillars involve getting clear on the truth, plan, message and path within your business. The second pillar—the plan—gives you the framework for moving forward gracefully.

Components to create your spiritual marketing plan:

  • Find your authentic objectives. This means being honest about what you really desire. Often entrepreneurs focus on what they think they should do. Sure, your objectives will be informed by your obligations and best practices within your industry. But they should also be shaped by your real desires and hopes, as well as your personality. Trying to market something you don’t really believe in or to reach goals that aren’t meaningful is not only difficult, it doesn’t get the best results.
  • Bring your whole self. Personality, preferences and stage of life all factor in to your plan. You may also want to consider the intangible design you were born with. Look to a typing system like Human Design, Enneagram, StrengthsFinder or similar personality descriptors to identify your strengths and weaknesses. This ensures your plan takes full benefit of how you, personally, are designed.
  • Admit your financial goals. Being clear on your financial goals can be hard for purpose-driven entrepreneurs who want to focus more on what they give than get. Giving more than you have isn’t sustainable in business, however. Undercharging can cause resentment in the long run and doesn’t allow you to give your best service. Learn to receive gracefully and remember that the more you are given, the more you can give.
  • Name your resources. There are additional resources beyond financial ones that can help you to bolster your plan. Look at the people you know, the networks you are part of, vendors available to you and even technology solutions. Knowing what support is available and what is missing will help you develop a realistic plan and let you move forward gracefully.
  • Study the market. Your business exists in a set of circumstances that you should be intimately aware of in order to make a good plan. Your service has to be timely, desired and show an advantage in order to be well sold. Knowing the market your product or service is part of will help you develop the best plan to place your business for positive results.

These components can make a plan that catapults you through your best year ever! Stay tuned for the next article—Spiritual Marketing, Part Three: Messaging for Your Best Year Ever.

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