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Laurie Z Dream Vision copyDo you remember last New Year’s Resolution? Did you stop by mid-February? Making change is hard if you’re doing it because you “should”. Many people live 1 year 20 times. It is more fun to live 20 new years, growing, changing and acting on your dreams. Launch this year with these three tips to energize your life and keep the dream active.

Envision Your Dream
You might not know all of the steps to your dream. No problem it means your dream is worthy of you. If you know every step to get there it’s a plan. Get started by envisioning your dream, don’t worry about the how. Can you taste it, touch it, and smell it? Your five senses, feelings and emotions are important as you envision your dream.

Specific Actions to Take Now
Next define the specific actions you can take to start moving towards the dream. You do not have to drop what you are doing this minute. Consider what you can do now that expands you and moves you closer to your dream.

Accountability and Support
In order to really bring your dream to life, look for ways to ensure you will continue to move towards it. You have an inner barometer that can help. It’s called intuition. Is your intuition rusty? Find a trusted accountability partner, mentor or coach to support you. Pick someone who believes in you.

These are some of the best ways to make change and bring your dream to life now. Define goals that move you closer to your dream. Set yourself up with accountability and support. As you take action, more steps will unfold. Make your dream real today, rather than something out there, some day. Find out more about bringing your dreams into your life at my expert page.

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