The Importance of Self-Love in finding our own Happiness

“Love yourself before you love anyone else.” That’s a quote that is said often; some may even say it’s a cliché. If you woman-showing-achievment-150x150think about it, nothing is really clichéd; it’s just said often because it’s true. We need to spend more time alone with ourselves and try and figure out who we are and be content with ourselves before we can try to love anyone else. Usually, that is much easier said than done. Right? How are we supposed to figure out who we are when we have no clue where to start? You should start out with the little things, and find small things that make you smile. Simple. Just try and think, what makes you happy? Perhaps it’s a song that makes you want to dances for hours, or the smell of a candle that reminds you of Christmas. Start small. Rome wasn’t built in one day.

Once you figure out what makes you happy, you have to cut out things in your life that bring negativity. This can be people, or even bad habits that you have. This personally is the hardest part, because sometimes the things that make you sad, also make you happy. But you have to learn how to let go. Letting go is all part of the process. While, self-happiness doesn’t always mean that you will be happy all the time, it simply means that you are able to accept the difficult times and learn and grow from those experiences.

We are constantly growing as humans; we are expanding and finding new things that make us happy and new things that do not bring us joy. We constantly have to remind ourselves that we are in control of our happiness. Take yourself to a nice restaurant and sit alone. Laugh at your own jokes, find gratitude in your daily lives, and one day you will thank yourself for it.


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