Fall in Love With Your Life – Part 1

Moneeka Sawyer article picHappy Love Month, Amazing Thriving Women!!

I hope you had an wonderful Valentine’s Day, focusing on whomever deserves your loving adoration right now. Especially if it was YOU!

Every couple of weeks I run a teleseminar called Bliss Bits. I am so excited about this month’s program that I wanted to share it with you.

The topic: How to fall in love again…with your life.

Did you start 2016 with joy and ambition for all that you hope to achieve this year? And now a month into the year, maybe you’re starting to wonder where you are going to find the energy to do all those things? Are you still feeling excited about the goals you set for yourself?

Many of us go through this cycle. Especially in the new year. The beginning of the year often brings the excitement of new possibilities, and there is an energy of change in the air. So we set ourselves on a path of change with good intentions and lots of excitement. And then, usually within a month or two, we start to re-evaluate.

Instead of re-evaluating in a way that makes you feel bad, tired, or even a little helpless, instead lets discover how to keep you momentum going. Whether you stick with your current goals or not, bliss is about being joyful about what you are doing. About embracing and enjoying the journey.

How do you do this? By falling in love again, with your life.

Go to this link and hear Part 1 of this two part series. I’ll post Part 2 next week.

Fall in Love with Your Life

I hope you enjoy the call. If you would like to sign-up for future Bliss Bits, you can sign-up at http://coreblisslife.com/bliss-bits-radio-program

Go Blissfully!

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