Turn Your Limiting Beliefs into Empowering Beliefs

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You can have anything you want if you are willing to give up the belief that you can’t have it.  – Robert Anthony

This is part four in a series on how to create your best year ever as an introverted woman entrepreneur. If you have not read part three, you can read it here.

In article two we discussed being born clean slates and developing limiting beliefs as we go through life. I want to be clear, it is not the experiences themselves that created your beliefs, but the meaning you gave those experiences. All meaning came from your head, who you are as a person, your particular sensitivities and what you saw in the world.

So, why have your beliefs stayed with you? It’s impossible to get rid of a belief you think you SAW. Close your eyes and try to imagine the thought “I’m not good enough.” Can you see it? What color and shape is it? I’ll bet you couldn’t imagine it. You can’t “see” your beliefs because they are not a “thing.” Your beliefs come from the meaning you gave what you experienced.

Knowledge doesn’t help when you have beliefs. You can know everything about limiting beliefs, and they won’t go away until you release the meaning you gave them. Your past is just a story. Once you realize this, it no longer has power over you.

4 Steps to Turn Limiting Beliefs into Empowering Beliefs

1. Identify the limiting belief – what exactly is the belief holding you back?
2. How does each belief limit you?
3. Decide how you want to be, feel, and act instead.
4. Create a turnaround statement that gives you permission to be, feel and act this new way. Repeat your statement multiple times per day for 30 days.

For example:
Current belief: I’m not valuable enough to make a difference
Turnaround Statement: I am highly valuable and who I am makes a huge difference for others

When noticing limiting beliefs that don’t serve you, challenge them by asking the following questions-

•    What’s another way to look at that?
•    What would someone else (spouse, friend, coach, client) say about that?
•    What would someone with the complete opposite point of view say about that?

By asking yourself these questions, you will begin to unpeel the layers of beliefs holding you back. With each layer, you will become more confident as a woman and an entrepreneur, taking you closer to your vision.

Always remember, awareness is most important. Once you are aware of the messages, you can begin to make a change.

Join me next week where I will discuss gremlins/inner critic, how they hold you back, and give some tools to breakthrough them.

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