New Moon Goddess Manifestation Reading: March 2016

Well, I hope everyone is ready to fill up their cups on this new moon with powerful guidance from the goddess’s!  I want to encourage you all to take some sacred time on or near the New Moon to sit in silence and connect with your higher self. Ground yourself into Mother Earth and relax while breathing deeply into your beautiful perfect body. Pay special attention to your EXHALE. Really allow yourself to let go of what does not serve your highest and best good. Keep a journal close by and call in & sit in silence with these goddess energies:

Three Goddess to work with on the New Moon March 2016
Three Goddess’s to work with on the New Moon March 2016

1. The first goddess in our New Moon Manifestation Reading is Lakshmi, the Hindu Goddess of Abundance. Her presence in our reading assures a bright future. Lakshmi urges us to think only positive thoughts and know that the universe will indeed provide all that we need. There is no place for negative thinking or worry in the presence of Lakshmi as she provides us with renewed faith, hope and optimism. It is not surprising that her gentle and simple message is: “Stop worrying. Everything is going to be fine.”

2. The second goddess in our reading is Mary Magdalene . This goddess archetype represents Unconditional Love. Mary Magdalene is one of the most controversially misunderstood women in history and yet her energy is that of pure love and divine union. Do not worry about what others think or say what other people think about you is not your concern. Rather, take the higher ground and choose to love and forgive. Rise above the lower energies of petty misunderstandings, judgement and human chaos and choose to dwell in a higher level of consciousness where there is only love. She tells us: “Love yourself, others and every situation- no matter what the outward appearances may be.”

3. The third goddess in our reading is Aeracura. And… She arrives just in time for Spring! Her’s is the energy of Blossoming! She is a German/ Celtic Goddess who is known to multi-task as an Earth Mother diety, a fairy queen and a psychopomp (a guide that is a bridge between worlds). She helps us to take time and nurture ideas and cultivate our goals. When she appears in a spread it is a good idea to spend time with flowers either out in your garden or working with essences or essential oils. She is fond of artists and inventors and can be helpful in manifesting emergency money when needed. Her message is: “You are just getting started, so have patience with yourself and the process, and do not give up.”

That wraps up our goddess oracle manifestation reading for the New Moon March 2016!

Angel Intuitive, Energy Healing Expert, and Spiritual Business Advisor Aeriol Ascher has decades of experience assisting clients to liv  e more comfortable, confidant and conscious lives. Her healing practice Reiki Angel Intuitive Arts was voted Best “Day Spa” in Silicon Valley by the San Jose Mercury News 2015. Aeriol empowers her clients with tools to increase awareness, hone intuition and connect to their authentic self by offering them gentle guidance and straightforward advice on navigating the path to manifesting their heart’s desire. Got Questions?

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