Progress Along the Enough Path

Take a Break words on Road Sign and Stop SignMany of us have realized that the “busyness” of our lives has really gotten to the point of “OK, that’s enough!” This recognition is your Sign of Enough: “That’s IT! Something has to change.” Some of us have decided to walk the path of “enough consciousness.” Daily we are becoming more and more desirous of living a simpler life, of spending more of our precious time with those who matter most to us, of participating in events that have meaning for us and activities that we really enjoy! We are becoming more aware of when we have worked long enough for one day, when we have given enough to others and it’s time to give some attention to ourselves. And if you have not joined us yet, now is a perfect time to make the decision to do so by considering the questions below.For those of you who have been on this journey, the suggestion last month was that we consider the following questions:

  1. Make sure you have identified one area you would like to focus on, e.g. work, food, stuff, activities.
  2. Ask yourself the question “How will I know when I have enough ____________?”
  3. Just stay with that question until you have a really clear answer that satisfies you for now.
  4. Identify one small step you will take to bring about more of what you desire.
  5. Stick with it!! This is really important.

How did it go? This is not an easy task, so do not feel defeated if you did not make the progress you were hoping for. Simply begin again. If we were out on a walk and got sidetracked after the first couple of steps, ending up somewhere other than where we wanted to go, we would not sit down and give up. We would retrace our steps and begin again toward our destination, assuming that is still where we wanted to go!

How to do this? Maybe you answered the first question and were able to clearly identify the area you want to focus on, but got stumped trying to figure out the answer to “How will I know when I have enough__________?” filling in the blank with whatever you selected in #1. Great! That often is not an easy question to answer, so work just with that question during the next month. You might begin by looking closely at how you are feeling when you are feeling overwhelmed in that area. How does your body feel? How is your breathing? Examine closely what has led to the sense of “overwhelm.”

Good luck! You are on your way to a simpler, more satisfying life and progress in the beginning can feel slow. Just stay on the path!

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