The Love Of Money

love of moneyThe Love Of Money


One of the easiest things to accumulate is money. How?

  1. Earn it by working a career
  2. “Hobby for profit”, like making and selling candles as an example
  3. Selling  items we no longer have a use for
  4. Create or take a second job to pay for something you need or want

The list is endless and today the Internet is a great way to build wealth. I have a client who said she no longer is victim to her 9-5. She has a business on ebay. She makes her mortgage in the first 10 days of the month, allowing her to make a continued profit and have time with her children.Her initial goal when she was working an outside job was to do something that could pay the mortgage, allowing her more money to leverage .

The topic of money is endless. Some have so much of it, some not enough of it. Where do you fit in?

The love of money can be a negative or a positive. We’ve all seen “lottery winner stories”,  but here is a healthy positive. Money does not make happiness. It simply allows you a freedom; the freedom to choose, travel, care for loved ones, etc.

If you could take ten- to- twenty percent of what you earn and place it in a plan that would give you all of this with guaranteed lifetime income, why are you not doing that? Could it be because you haven’t learned of such a plan?

If placing $3,500 a year could impact your life in a positive way, why do people cringe at that thought?

Remember this.





The love of money can be a good thing when used as a building tool.

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