You Are in Charge of Your Mindset

Lee Richter Article 2 graphicEach day, we make hundreds of choices. How will I spend my time today? What clothes will I wear? Who will join me for lunch? What am I going to focus on next?

It can be overwhelming to make so many choices. Or, it can be magnificent to make so many choices. It depends on our mindset. And that is the key – we have CHOICES. We actually get to make choices. There are people around the world who would be ecstatic to have the kind of choices in life we have.
The key to integrating happiness into your day starts with your mindset. When you look at all of the things you want to accomplish today, your mindset dictates how easy or how difficult it will be. It starts with your thoughts. Ugh, it is raining outside, and driving in the rain is hard feels different than when you think, It is raining outside, and Mother Nature is doing her best to keep the plants watered, so driving to work slowly is preferred.

Perspective is the main ingredient in keeping your mindset focused on the good stuff. Looking for the good in everything helps you enjoy life. If you “get” to go to the gym and work out, it feels much better than “having” to go to the gym and working out. Either way, it is best to go, so why not enjoy the experience?

Some people complain about packing for a trip. I used to be one of those people. Now, I look at it as preparing for an adventure and being excited about the exotic things to enjoy. Now, the journey is centered on what to discover. A positive mindset creates a much happier experience.

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