Creating Community through Blogging

Creating community through bloggingSocial Media makes building a community so much easier

You can use your blog to build community on Social Media. Obviously, this doesn’t happen overnight, but it is very doable. With social media, it makes building a community so much easier.  All it takes is consistency and sociability.

Now, followers aren’t just the people who read your blog on a regular basis.  They are the people who are interested in you!  You want active participation and interaction. Just start with the comments. After you post your blog on social media, encouraging people to comment on your posts opens the door to interactions that may lead to lasting online relationships.  Pay attention to those comments and reply in a way that is consistent with your post and would set the tone for future comments.

Comments can be a source of your next blog

The regular commenters can be the source of your next blog entry.  Comments can have suggestions that you can actually use.  When you do use them, don’t forget to acknowledge your commenter.  For example, when you post your blog, tag them on Facebook.  If that person is a blogger, you may even go to that person’s site and share their blog on your social media, with a comment, to strengthen your connection. Using readers’ suggestions indicates that (a.) you actually read the comments, and (b.) you acknowledge them, encouraging readers to engage with you and each other.

Comments can appear in many different ways

When blogging first came out, the only place that people could comment was on your blog.  Now there are so many different social media sites where people can comment.  Be sure to monitor ALL comments, the ones on your blog and the ones on social media and respond to all of them.  When you respond, try to engage people, thank them for commenting and ask a question back to engage them further. Encourage people to comment on your blog as it is posted on your social media because more people will see their comments and your blog.

Use contests to build interest

Depending on your budget, or if your blog has sponsors, you may want to hold online contests by having readers share their experiences, give a product review, or answer a riddle of some sort.  These kinds of posts are big on share-ability. Contests are a great way to rally your followers, and to possibly expand your blog reach.  You can even offer e-books for prizes to keep within your budget.

Once you become recognized as an expert in your field as a result of blogging, you may be invited to events related to your blog.  You will also likely get more speaking opportunities.  By attending those events, and speaking, you get the opportunity to meet more people in your area of expertise, and your community will continue to grow.  And of course, you gain influence!

Blogging is more than just a wonderful way to get your voice out there.  You can create connections, get new ideas, learn more about other people and experiences, and get to be part of a community that shares your interests.  Keep on blogging and your community will continue to grow.

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