New Moon Goddess Manifestation Reading April 2016

Greetings Goddess! Are you ready to connect to your goddess self so that you can manifest your hearts desire during this New Moon Cycle?  Then settle in and take some sacred time to sit in silence and connect with your higher self. Ground yourself into Mother Earth and relax while breathing deeply into your beautiful perfect body. Pay special attention to your EXHALE. Allow yourself to let go of what does not serve your highest and best good. Just let it go. Keep a journal close by and call in the energies of your angels, healing masters and guides & sit in silence with these goddess energies:

Expect a Miracle!
Expect a Miracle!


The first goddess for this New Moon Manifestation Reading is Mary Magdalene. Mary is a healing priestess who teaches us to rise above mundane controversies and seeming chaos and to dwell in higher vibration. Magdalene reminds us to dwell in higher consciousness and rise above bickering voices, harsh judgements and pettiness. Hold a vision of the highest good for yourself and also for anyone who may be struggling in any way. She reminds us that only love is real and that love can heal.
The next Goddess in our line-up is Oonagh. This magical Celtic Goddess remids us to take a deep breath and relax.  Everything is occurring in perfect timing. It is important not to get ahead of ourselves at this time. This is really timely  because I notice that in the Spring it is not uncommon to feel feel anxious and a bit restless as Mother Earth wakes up from her winter nap and everything stirs under the surface waiting to bloom. Do not worry if you are feeling undirected or do not know where to focus your energies, it will be revealed to you soon enough. There is no cause to rush around or make sudden moves at this time. Call upon Oonagh’s energy at this time to help make transitions magical and creative.
Finally our last Goddess for this New Moon Manifestation Reading is beloved virgin Mary “Queen of the Angel’s.” Her presence and energy can be called upon to produce miraculous healing for all situations. I find it interesting and exciting that both of the Mary’s show up in our reading this month so we can be sure that the heavens have something wonderful in store! Regardless of your religious beliefs spend some time invoking the miraculous healing energy of Mary into your reality over the next few weeks. Then, let go of worrisome thoughts and follow any divine guidance you receive. You will be rewarded with blessed miracles.

That wraps up our goddess oracle reading for the New Moon April 2016!

Happy Manifesting!

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