Style Tips for a Spring Wardrobe Tune-up!

Spring Wardrobe Tune-up

Your wardrobe needs you! We’re in the midst of a fashion season change. Get ready for the Spring season but also take care of the items you’ll be packing away. Here’s a to-do list for you to focus on this month.

What to do before packing away your winter clothes

1. Inspect your boots and make repairs before storing them away. That way they’ll be fresh for fall.

marionG12. Clean your wool sweaters, jackets, scarves and gloves and check for moth holes. If there’s too much damage, toss the item. If it’s repairable and you love it, take care of it this month before storing it away.

3. Coats need to be checked for missing or broken buttons and scuffed or soiled sleeves before being put away for the season. Do it now, not later.

What to do before diving into your spring wardrobe 

1. Check out the bottom edges of your spring handbags. Are they scuffed or worn at the corners? Consider re-dying them. You can also have “feet” put on the bottom of the bag to protect it from upcoming wear.

marionG22. Go through your sunglasses. What’s out-of-style, broken or in need of updated prescriptions? If your sunglass stash is lacking in luster, you may need to do some shopping soon. There’s plenty to select from.

3. When pulling out summer flats or sandals, take a closer look before putting them on shelves, in boxes or baskets. Are they scuffed, too worn, or have broken parts? Best to let go of the beat up pairs. Take an inventory and make a list of what needs replacing.

What to do right now

marionG31. Go through your jewelry and look for what needs cleaning or repairing. Polishing your silver jewelry will make it look brand new. Do you have bracelets that need new clasps? Do you have necklaces that need to be restrung? Do you have watches that need new batteries? These are good projects to tackle this week.

2. Reassess your underwear. Are bras stained with perspiration marks? Has the elastic worn out of bras, panties or shapers? Are you in need of new sizes? You may need a re-fresh in the lingerie department. Lingerie comes in fresh new colors at the beginning of the season. Time to check it out.

3. Go through your makeup and toss out any unusable and expired products. Your personal coloring may have changed or your personal style may have changed. There’s no reason to keep holding on to things that aren’t working. Some cosmetic companies like MAC have recycling programs. They’ll trade you a new lipstick for your empty or expired blushes, lipsticks, lip liners, or eye shadow containers.

There’s so much to be excited about this spring. If you’ve always wanted to know the tricks to creating a wardrobe you love, learn about our Virtual Style School. Read what others have to say about the program: Or call me to discuss other options of how we can work together, 831-625-2000.

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