5 in 1 or 1 in 5 – You Choose!

TWIBC_Laughman_1_5Does it ever feel as if what matters to you is never going to make it to your “FINISHED” list? It just keeps getting pushed back or over or wherever it goes when life demands its way with your day. We all experience this and it is perhaps the single most important issue when we think about life balance or what I call life harmony.

Life harmony is a more realistic expression for me because the key is not to prescribe each moment but to instead feel free to partake in each moment in a meaningful way. When we are distracted and pulled in every direction the moments we miss matter. Those are the pings of regret we often feel whether it’s at the end of a life or the end of a day.

It is however an easier challenge to take on than you might think. By breaking this down into some tried and true actions and deciding on how you will integrate them into your calendar you can gain back a sense of satisfaction in your life and how you are living it each day.

The key is to begin with small things. Items you can handle preferably in less than an hour and or even better, assigned to others. Remember that progress is not just in doing the thing – it lies in getting the thing done. So let’s break it down.

Here are five spots to begin. You can choose to do all five in a single day or you can do one each day over the next five days. That part is up to you. Just remember that this is not a once and done practice. Keep the practice going for the next 30 days and see a dramatic change in how you feel about yourself and your impact in the world. You will begin to find a rhythm that will create its own momentum.

#1- Find one thing you are tolerating and address it. Something that by now you may think you are looking past but I promise you that is not the case. Perhaps it’s something missing or something that doesn’t work – the best place to start on this one is your environment. Just identify one thing. Stop tolerating it and fix it. Make the change yourself or get someone else to help. But get it done.

#2- Name one thing you are procrastinating about and address it. Yes, this is different. This is something you know you need to do but you keep putting it off. Usually this is a personal appointment or some kind of maintenance item. Is your annual check-up now going on year two? Make the appointment.

#3- Call one person you have been neglecting. You know the one. That person you think about in the middle of a meeting (or night) and promise yourself you will call them and check on them but you never do. Own it and call them. If there are too many names on this list, you know this is a place where you need to focus most over the next 30 days. Relationships need nurturing.

#4- Let go of something. What are you hanging on to? This can be an emotion, a grudge or a physical object. Where (or what) do you need to let go? Quite often if we start with the physical (clean out a drawer) it often leads us inward to where the real letting go can happen.

#5- Begin one new positive habit. There it is! What we’re going to do with the now open space in our thoughts and energy. The best place to begin here is where you are the least satisfied with your life right now. If it’s health, take on a SMALL but positive new habit. If it’s financial, determine one new habit that over time is going to make the difference for you. If it’s spiritual, begin a daily practice of reading and prayer. Not sure? Begin expressing gratitude daily. Just pick something that is positive and has a repetitive action associated with it and introduce that into your day.

5 in 1 or 1 in 5. You choose. Your first choice? To begin. Choose to take the reins of the day and claim the baton as director for your life.

Live (choose) today like you want tomorrow to be. Live (choose) well!

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