Are Your Interpretations Stopping You?

This is part eight in a series on how to create your best year ever as an introverted woman entrepreneur. If you have not read part seven, you can read it here.

Interpretations are the fourth big energy block holding you back from success. The past few weeks we have talked about gremlins or the inner critic, limiting beliefs and assumptions. Today I want to talk about interpretations. What is an interpretation? It is an opinion you create about an event, person, situation, or experience that you believe to be true. I like to use the analogy of wearing sunglasses with different colored lenses. If you wear glasses with red lenses, you will see the world in a completely different way than someone wearing blue or green lenses. We grow up and we interpret things based on our life experiences and the things that surrounded us and we look at things in a certain way.

Anais Nin once said “We do not see the world as IT is, we see the world as WE are.”

The best way to get past any block is to ask yourself questions, to challenge your beliefs.

When noticing your interpretations, ask yourself these questions. . .
1. What’s another way I could look at this situation or challenge?
2. What would someone else say about this, like a spouse or friend?
3. What would someone with the completely opposite point of view say about this?

Whenever you find yourself blocked by a belief, challenge it and see if you can change that belief into a more positive belief to move you forward.

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