Boost Your Marketing with Collaboration

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Marketing is enhanced with collaboration. There are simply too many parts and functions to do them all well while running a great business. You’ll be well-served if you focus on creating successful collaborations with vendors to do your marketing as well as partners that you can co-market with. It can enhance your well-being to be part of a supported team rather than an isolated solopreneur. It also allows you to make a deeper difference in the world as you free up time and energy to grow your business or to work in your highest state.

Collaborations are successful when you:

Believe that other people can support you. Get assistance in clearing out earlier experiences of betrayal, hurt or loss. Own your background and behave accordingly. Even if you’ve done lots, not having successful collaborations means there’s more to clear.
Clearly share your expectations, desires and outcomes. Indirect or unspoken ideas can squelch a potentially successful collaboration. Don’t worry about being abrupt or too direct. Others generally appreciate the clear boundaries.

Expect the best. When you assume there are amazing, talented people who are a perfect fit for you in the world, there are. When you worry that there is no one who can do it as well as you, there they are.

Plan to spend money and time. Collaborative efforts generally pay off over time. Like all relationships, the time and resources you invest in them are what makes them blossom. Expect to pay well for talent and contribution, just as you expect to earn that for your own work.

Know that it’s a process. Start small and be willing to build on that. It takes patience and repeated input to craft a successful, long-term relationship. Don’t look for quick wins, look for incremental forward movement.

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