Celebrate All The Mom Entrepreneurs Around You

Cat and her momOn Sunday, I’m doing what you might be doing, getting dressed up to go to brunch with the woman who has influenced me the most in life. My mother is a retired schoolteacher. She taught me many lessons that have supported my success. Here are three I want to share with you.

Every Problem Can Have a Fun, Creative Solution
As a teacher my mom wanted to teach her young students not to tattle on each other. It was happening a lot. She came up with a great idea, she wrote and illustrated a book called The Tattle Tale Fairy. She would read the book to her students, they got the message and the tattling stopped.

Ask Yourself: How Can I Monetize What I Love?
For her whole life my mom has been a chocolate aficionado. I grew up seeing boxes of chocolates delivered from all over the country. We got bourbon chocolates from Kentucky and chocolate bark with pecans from Louisiana and Ethel M chocolates from Nevada. Mom is also an Italian culture aficionado. She has written for the Italian bilingual Newspaper, L’ Italo-Americano for over 30 years. She is their most popular online columnist, even though she doesn’t have an email address.

Some years ago she combined her two loves and came up with Chocolate Chips Italiano with a touch of Galliano. These were the best cookies ever.

Have Fun No Matter What
There were other things my mom pursued, an Italian T-shirts and novelties business, real estate, she even bought a bar, which is funny because she doesn’t drink. She saw everything as an adventure, she beamed with bliss in the creative expression of it all. She loved being an entrepreneur.

I celebrate my mom and I am sure you are doing the same. Thanks mom for showing me how great it can be to turn your ideas into reality. On Sunday, if your mom is still with you tell her what she taught you to help you succeed.

To those of you that are moms, we celebrate you. You are a role model for your children and for the other women around you.

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