Collaboration is Fun and Rewarding

Lee Richter Print 3When I go to work, I am excited to see what my amazing team and I will create together. We love to bring value to our customers, our community and the world. We brainstorm with our customers and ask them what would improve their experience.

Through collaboration, we make a plan and a timeline of what we want to accomplish, and then the magic happens. We organize our resources and time to accomplish our dreams.

•    We focus on WHAT we are doing and WHO is on the development team.
•    We plan HOW and WHEN we are going to do it.
•    We determine WHY we want to do it.

When we are clear on WHY, everything falls into place with ease.
For example, at, we help people take the best care of their pets. We noticed that people who have to say goodbye to their beloved pet often need more support and understanding. In an effort to make a positive impact we developed a program to help clients through this challenging time. When we asked ourselves WHY we wanted to do this, we realized that we could make a BIG difference in the lives of others and help them through the loss of a loved one. Helping others is very rewarding. Through collaboration with vendors, community experts, authors, and our team, we now have a Biodegradable Urn that clients can use to plant the ashes of their beloved pet and to grow a tree.

Because of our client’s needs and their feedback, we collaborated with experts to develop a creative and loving way to change the ending to their story. We replaced grief and sorrow with a joyful memory. Working alongside like-minded, positive and creative people fulfills my dreams of making a BIG difference in the world!

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