How Do You Know When to Leap?

Laura G Digital graphic 3You may be on a slow and steady path of growth, but I have found that the greatest experiences and opportunities often present themselves as “leaps of faith.” Embrace these opportunities even if they seem risky at first. Try following this system to help you decide if you should make the leap.

Ask yourself these five questions:

1.    Do I trust the source? Is the opportunity being presented by someone I know, like and trust? What is my intuition telling me? Do I feel excited about this new venture, or am I putting it off because I just can’t get my head around it?

2.    How will the change affect my loved ones? Change is constant. Fortunately my family is not frightened by change, but I have built my businesses around my core belief that there is nothing more important for me than being a mother. Even now that my children are young adults, I still ask myself this question as it pertains to them and to my husband.

3.    If I take this on, will I still maintain balance and self-care?  I tend to easily fall in love with a project and get myself out of balance. Before taking on a new adventure, I ask myself if I will be able to play full out and still take care of my health.

4.    Is this opportunity in alignment with my commitment to service? My life flows so much easier when I remember to stay in service. When looking at your leaps, make sure they align with your goals and core values.

5.    What is the worst thing that can happen? This question is especially helpful when I am looking at an opportunity that is going to stretch me financially. If I lose money, but gain insight and growth, I am in.

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