Innovate Your Business from the Inside-Out

Meditating Woman IdeasOften we are looking for solutions outside ourselves – technology or new marketing solutions – to upgrade and innovate our businesses. The truth is many of the best ideas are within you, and all you need to do is pay attention to your thoughts and feelings a bit more. Follow these super tips to innovate your business from the inside-out.

Use Your Intuition
You have a lot of brilliant ideas, your clients talk to you and tell you what else they would like from you. Pay attention to how you feel in your gut and in your heart when you focus on these new or different ways of doing your business. You have a sixth sense: it is your intuition. Give it more consideration as you plan what is next.

Be Willing to Take A Test
Innovators are people that do not think about how things might go, over and over, and never act. Instead they plan what they think will work and then they test it. After the test, they make upgrades and then test it again. They are not attached to perfection. Perfection gets in the way of innovation. What is it time for you to test?

Make Time to Ponder Possibilities
The best places for creative ideas to flow is in the bath or shower, when we are on the bus or driving, or laying in bed. Have a note pad next to your bed to quickly jot something down. Also, you can purchase a waterproof note pad for your shower. Before you go for a drive, go to bed, or take a bath tell your mind to work on a challenge for you. You will find your solution will often appear.

Pay Attention to What Energizes You
Every day, you are doing things you love to do and things you do not love so much. Start to notice what gets you excited and what you do not look forward to. The more you can do only what energizes you the more productive and happy you will be. Get support for what does not energize you.

Ask Yourself Inquiry Questions
In business we have challenges and questions and too often we quickly look outside ourselves for the answers before asking ourselves for the solutions. An inquiry question is one you answer over and over, though out a day to see what different answers you get. Start now ask yourself a question like: How can I serve my clients better? How can I work less and make more? How can we improve our customer service?

Notice Your Anxiousness and Take Action Anyway
Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart. Your business will call on you to do things you have never done before. Some of those things will be nerve-racking or even down right scary. Do not give your power over to those feelings. They will pass when you complete the uncomfortable action- like giving a speech or meeting with a potential VIP client about hiring you. The more you celebrate being uncomfortable the more you will soar through what comes next.

Innovation is essential to your business success. Take these ideas and increase your innovation. Be sure to visit other expert pages on our TWIBC siteĀ for more great ideas and resources. You will find great articles, event listings, expert interviews and much more.

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