Intuit PaymentNetwork (IPN) Discontinuation FAQs

IncomeRut-238x300Are you using Intuit’s IPN payment system with your QuickBooks software to invoice your customers and receive their payments? If so, this service will be discontinued May 31, 2016. Customers will still be able to pay invoices with the pay link until June 30, 2016. Pay link, Ecommerce button, Mobile payments, QR code, and Facebook integration features will be discontinued on June 30, 2016.

Intuit periodically changes or discontinues services, and their FAQs state that the new process is an improved billing solution. Intuit has introduced eInvoicing to replace IPN. If you are currently using IPN with a website or a Mac, you must sign up for QuickBooks online. For information on how to import data into QuickBooks online, go to If using the Windows version, an upgrade to 2016 is necessary.

To sign up for the new payment processing, go to to apply. Intuit is unable to convert your existing account to eInvoicing. If you chose not to upgrade to QuickBooks online or the desktop QuickBooks 2016 software, it will be necessary to set up a different payment system.

To save your payment history data, log in to and download the information.

If you have questions, you can call Intuit at 877-559-7866.

It’s never easy when a solution you’ve been using will be discontinued, especially if it will require additional costs to implement (in this case monthly subscription fees to the online version, or the cost of purchasing the newest desktop software).¬†Hopefully¬†this transition is an easy one!

If you are considering using QuickBooks online, contact us today at 310-534-5577 to discuss pricing as often we can extend a discount that is not available long term on their website (usually they offer a 6 month intro price, however).

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