Is Your Team All Pulling In The Same Direction?

Laurie Z Digital 3 graphicOne of my clients recently told me her manager accused her of collaboration with a co-worker. She was reprimanded for inviting another employee to tea on a break. Her manager felt communicating with other staff would distract her. As a leader, I’m thrilled when co-workers get to know each other. After all, every person working for an organization should be pulling in the same direction, right?

Some business owners forget to step into leadership as chief executive officer (CEO). Small business owners wear many hats and feel scattered as they switch from bookkeeper, to marketer, to salesperson, to janitor, and forget the CEO hat. This is the most important hat. The CEO is responsible for many aspects of the business.

Building and leading the team is a key to success for any CEO and business. Jim Collins explained this in his book, Good to Great, published in 2001 by HarperCollins Publishers, Inc., New York. He said that data showed that who is on the bus (referring to the business team) is more important than where the bus is going (the strategy). What does this mean to a small business owner?

Consider who is on your team. Maybe you are a solo business and think it is just you. Think again. You have a virtual team, perhaps accountants, a marketer or graphics designer, a banker, an attorney. All of these people are part of your team. When you bring in support, make sure they collaborate with you. Sometimes business owners are intimidated by experts they hire. Be the CEO. If anyone is aloof or makes you feel they are not on your team, find someone else right away!

Your virtual team is part of your organization. Collaborate to produce and create your business.

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